Khalid Hasan

September 25th, 1995 - Dhaka
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The star among us

There will be star among us
Shining ever so brightly
we are only able to see
believe them in firmly
they are the sun, moon and beloved
they are loved for they shines
they are loved for they are kind
we are ever so naïve
believing we could be them
but we are always entangled in them
their gravity is like sickening love
pulling us to close ever so fiercely
beware when you are near them
you might feel redefined
but is it really that easy to become
them so easy it seem
but those who tried
their becoming seemed too deem
because we are not them
we are a start on our own
some shines bright and loud
some just ever so hollow
one day our light will reach
the farthest of the cosmos
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