keramat yazdani

March 10,1971- shiraz
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Biography of keramat yazdani

Keramat Yazdani(Ashk), Poet, writer, Playwright, Editor, Translator, Literary Critic, Scholar, Publisher, cultural and tourism Activist & Expert in ancient culture and languages. . Keramat Yazdani(Ashk) is a renowned poet & writer in contemporary Iran. He has published several collections of poetry and 86 books in different fields. He is also a Literary Critic with interests in Poetics and fiction and analysis of poetry, short and long stories, and novels. As a very prolific translator, he has translated some books by writers and poems of poets into English and some English Poetry into Persian. Keramat Yazdani (Ashk) has participated in so many poetry festivals and literary events. Keramat Yazdani(Ashk), (Born 1971) is An Iranian poet based in Shiraz. he studied English language translation at the University of Allametabatabaee and holds a Master's degree in Ancient culture and Languages from Shiraz University.