Kazuko Shiraishi

1931 / Canada


I don't know it's the beginning or the end of the world
but in Uluru there's a lizard
an ancient rock-mountain which several hundred millions of years
ago perhaps when the sea had an erection
acquired its red form
can now be seen by rolling up the curtain of the universe
toward the end of the Earth's skirt
there it's a desert
though you can't see them there are the aborigines
since tens of thousands of years ago a lizard
I don't know his name is solitude or timelessness
but to be alive is a moment's eternity
so says this tiny sacred lecher
pronouncing Uluru Ulururu deep in its throat
thought crashes into the sea and the stars fly ultra-speed
in an upside direction through the sky where they have yet to fall
in the wrinkles of the Universe the Galaxy or the Phalaxy is just
the West Coast where the spangling waves splash but there
no one sees anyone surfing
is this Earth where ten thousand years ago
poetry lived in Uluru
or 1980 years from now when
the spangling comet approaches the earth

Translations by Hiroaki Sato.
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