Kavya Gupta

March 17, 1999- Allahabad, India.

"I wish I was", you wish.

"I wish I was", you wish, want and pray
Oblivious to the aesthetic overtones
That your mere presence in the room play
Your mirror hides from you the flames
Beneath your skin which ignites your face
When you give voice to your passion and love
When you play the strings or win the race

"I wish I was", you wish, want and pray
Your heart is discontent, uneasy and envious
Your mind is restless all night and day
You want to be the one you admire
Not realizing I feel for you the same way
I want to have head lush in hair like yours
I want my hips to match your dancing sway

I aspire to achieve your prowess in artistry
Your pencil enlivens the dead and pale leaf
When you sing, darling, nightingales shush
Apollo has his pride, in you, he has the belief.
You do not see your strong spine standing
Battling through tantrums of troubled waters
I worship how you are well nigh engulfed
But always return to the surface stronger

You are so powerful, your shadows have life
You are so gifted, your aura is blinding
You are so tall, darling, you are an enigma
How can you be so graceful and tender,
After you had your shares of social stigma?
I am dazed by your extraordinary resilience
You stagger us, darling, you're a 6 sigma.

"I wish I was", you wish, want and pray
Do not be harsh on your body and mind
You are growing every day, I know, I know
Because I see you work hard and grind
You earn happiness, don't bereft yourself
Reward yourself for patience and persistence
Have some cookies you hid on the top shelf.
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