Katherine Collins

July 8, 1997 - Sydney

Is Life Meaningless?

Losing my life like a fallen leaf in the air
Thinking my goals were just there
All the games my life is playing is totally unfair
But all I do is just blankly stare

Is life meaningless?
Or is it's just leading us
By teaching us?
But I feel like its teasing us

I'm sick of all lies
Waiting for a long time when I get no replies
Listening to useless advice
As if I'm so unwise

I'm tired of crying
So done with trying
Have no more relying
But still, I'm standing here alone crying

I have 1000's of questions to ask
100's of untouched pending task
Wish I could bottle up all my emotions in a flask
And keep my face with no expression like a steel mask

I still debate
Whether to give up or wait
Thinking what will bring back my life to a better state
But can anything be changed if this is what's going to be your fate?
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