Kate Wallace

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Forgive Me

So very often you will see me fail,
and mostly I don't care.
For failing is just part of life,
its something all humans share.

I don't care if I'm not the best
at many of the things I do,
but every inch of my being is telling me
I must be the best mother, for you.

I get it wrong every day it seems.
Motherhood's a tricky job to do.
But that's not good enough, now is it?
For it means I'm failing you.

I know it is wrong to think these things.
I know it's wrong to self-hate.
I know there are ways to over come this,
But I feel I'm stuck in this state.

To every other parent out there,
just doing their absolute best.
Getting it wrong is okay, you know.
Please don't carry self-hatred on your chest.

Yes i get it! everyone makes mistakes.
Forgiveness is what sets us free.
Yet no matter how hard I try
I can forgive everyone, but me.
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