Karan Shah

October 21, 1997 - Mumbai, India
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What is this that I feel

What is this that I feel?
Is this even real?
A horizon so surreal
This view of my future
painted in baby pink and teal
I see your face everywhere I go
I can’t conceal myself from your glow
I hear your voice when it rains
They reveal, liberate, peel
Off my mask and drains out the woe
I don't even know
Fall sunsets winter snow
You met me in the summer
Every season since is just ammo
For my heart, that plays to your beat
Like a drummer
And Cupid’s bow aiming straight for my soul

I see your face every time I glance
At the moon, in the starry night
Why does this appear like a quiet dance
My heart was locked airtight
And opened when you gave it a chance to take flight
I didn't even fight
As it all felt just so right
I'll always tell myself this
You’re my destiny, the source of my bliss
I promise to keep your heart safe
the time we spent together, I miss
I fell for your appeal
And I want to feel like this forever
So take my hand
Let’s leap with zeal
And Never say never
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