Karan Shah

October 21, 1997 - Mumbai, India
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Uncharted territory

I want you to trace your finger across my body

Like an uncharted map

I want you to discover

Every road, every valley, every mountain, every waterfall.

I want you to pour your love

Onto me, like a tap that just cannot be shut

Let my tongue flow like a river across your valleys

I want you to make me float on

this unsinkable lifeboat in the turbulent sea

I want to feel your lips when Im saved because

Only they can breathe life into me

I want to watch you play in the waterfall

Bathe in it, swim in it

dance to the sound of it

I want you to be one with the water and flow where it will take

Until you have discovered it all and are one with it

Let the gentle stream be a reminder of my tenacity

Let the waterfalls signify my intensity

Let the water remind you of our memory

Let my touch against yours remain heavenly

Come, become one within this

Uncharted territory
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