Karan Shah

October 21, 1997 - Mumbai, India
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Silliness is an attitude
Presumptuous somber solitude
Its a way of viewing life
Regardless of sickness or strife
I wash the pain in my eyes, every time I cry
The pain Speaks in a monotone voice
“Will you hide me again?
By being Silly tonight?

Silliness is how I fight
This sight of what was just
Fake might
For to be truly silly,
I had to not wear a mask
Or paint my face
I had just had one task
That's to embrace the pain
And accept my fate

SIlliness is joy in sadness
Like the occasional rainbow
Like a big mac jumbo or the tune of a trombone
I feel my eyes cry again
But this time I know that
I am not in pain
It's natural to let your emotions run
Accepting yourself first
This is how you truly have fun
Be silly always
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