Karan Shah

October 21, 1997 - Mumbai, India
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Lost meaning

This world has lost its meaning,
This freedom has its shackles
Of self-doubt while dreaming
A promise to try harder
An attempt to recover from the battles
But what for?is the purpose of denying the inevitable,
Is this hunger insatiable?
Is this moment unrelatable?
This feeling of being outside one’s self
All due to the worry that Im
So I sit in the dark and ponder
Upon this dilemma so somber
What was my purpose in life if not being me
And at that moment it clicked with the force of a plough
the question never was
that I could or could not, but rather how?
For all I knew was that, for me to be one with my inner child
I had to promise him one thing
That I let my heart sing
And let its symphony give my world
it's meaning.
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