Karan Shah

October 21, 1997 - Mumbai, India
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I try too hard

I try too hard
I look too deep
I glance too far
I climb too steep
I groan in pain
I missed the leap
I watch the rain
I watch and weep
An eternal dream
I laugh in sleep
Lost in disdain
I can't compete
Failure, yet another
Flung in the heap
I try too hard
The morning creeps
That is the new dawn
A playful deceit
A dried cheek
A smile from within
I ponder upon
An abandoned vision
Spread too far
Spread too thin
Unfulfilled potential
A desire to win
I look in the mirror
And see my sin
I hear a whisper from my heart
I can hear it speaking
So I step back
Give it a listen
Oh Lost one, It says”
Take Heed,
shine and glisten,
Never stop this thing
Trying too hard is
better than nothing
So Take heed
For if you don't try,
you will never succeed
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