Julian Licht

February 17, 1997

Ascent Into Consciousness

Despondently, he surveys his lost kingdom
Deep in his throne high on the bluff
Daring angels, covered in wings and wheels and eyes
Dance and flutter around in sorrowful mourning

Hiding from his world, sequestered from his people
Hearkening back to the glory now gone
Humbled by the heartbreak
Hanged from the forbidden tree

Trapped by lurching, lush hills
The cavernous castle lies in carnage
Turrets fallen, chambers cratered
Treatise with the land now torn

Purple and and pink shimmers in the sky as
Pelting stars fall upon the earth.
Pouncing, it rips into flesh
Person and beast slain sludge

Glancing up, the man continues to rise
Glistening, glowing, glittering
Ghastly limbs limp, head lolling
Glutted with ludicrous illusions

Falling into the black colossus above
Freakish ascent into consciousness, near complete
Farcical even in super, yet factual in nature
Filled with the capability of the unfathomable

Waning royal flag, still full mast
Wavers in the wailing wind of horror
Waxing denial on the forgone society
Weighing suicide; the hawks stalk
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