Julia Shaw

September 2, 1947 Spartanburg,SC
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I dread the winter's coming on
The trees without their dressings
I fear the winter's dark, cold moan
Long shadows without blessings

Bare tree limbs are upward reaching
Where the sunlight ever fails
I hear the sound of great owls screeching
Trees look like witch”s fingernails

I hate the cold that winter brings
Dark, dank weather for each day
It seems as if I'll never sing
Or see again sun's lovely rays

My body aches and hollow feels
Blankets and fireplace are roaring on
But to me, they don't seem real
No heat can reach into my bones

Oh, winter will you last so long
With dreary rain and colder mist
Oh, how I wish that you were gone
And Spring could put on me it's kiss
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