Julia Shaw

September 2, 1947 Spartanburg,SC
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Ode to Bonnie Sue

Bonnie Sue is about the best pet I've had.
She’s smart and sweet, but sometimes she’s bad.
Her fur is white and so soft it’s like cotton,
And you’d better believe she already spoiled rotten!

I got her at a discount from a local breeder,
And I’m very careful about what I feed her.
No morsels from the table for my dog of high breeding,
She eats only food from the vet for her feeding.

She was barely two pounds when she arrived at my door,
And I’d only owned one other dog like her before.
For 15 years I’d owned another sweet Bichon Frise,
She passed away five years ago, a very sad day.

After five years of searching online and around,
Bonnie Sue came into my life with a bound!
She was the runt of her litter, but that doesn’t matter,
She cheered me up, when I was getting sadder and sadder.

You see, I’m disabled and in lots of pain,
And a dog can help someone like me to regain,
Some of my former happiness and pride.
It gives me someone to love and stay by my side.

She’s cute and cuddly, a really great treasure.
And no one can put a true price that will measure,
On the happiness she brings to a shut in's home,
She is loyal and loving, and doesn't ever roam.

Even though she chews anything she can reach,
And as for house breaking, that seems hard to teach!
Sometimes she just chews, paper being her favorite,
She enjoys paper more than anything, she savors it.
She chews often and so much, she makes a big mess!
But I love her already, and I think she’s the best.

I try my best to be patient and kind,
I tried five other dogs before I could find,
A Bichon Frise pup that fit into my budget.
They are reaching $3700 on that online gadget.

Of course I couldn’t pay that much,
So I tried other breeds of dogs and such.
But none of them fit because they smelled horrendous!
Bichons smell great and that’s really tremendous!

I think I’ll take Bonnie to Pet Smart one day,
For obedience training, although I must pay.
Maybe she’ll be calm enough to sit and stay.
It’s hard for her to do this now, but I pray

That with the right training she’ll come around,
And become like my old Bichon, now underground.
Bonnie and Bootsie are completely different to me.
Bootsie was mellow and no aggression had she.

Now Bonnie seems to rush everywhere she goes
And she’s always trying to nibble my toes.
When I’m on the computer her head pops up
Right between my knees, she’s such a sweet pup.

One thing Bonnie loves the best of all
Is playing fetch with me and her ball.
She runs like crazy up and down the hall,
After that bright little orange ball.

We have such fun playing together.
Now I have good reason to feel much better.
My little dog needs me to play and run,
Around the house with her, having lots of fun.

After a year of being mostly in bed
Bonnie has helped me to hold up my head.
She’s made me see I have more life to live,
And also to see I have more love to give.

Maybe she’ll grow into a calm dog by two years.
She’ll always be beside me, through glad times and tears.
I’m so happy God sent her to be my friend,
I’ll treasure her always, my heart's starting to mend.
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