Julia Shaw

September 2, 1947 Spartanburg,SC
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More Than Just a Daughter-In-Law

I have two daughters, of which I'm in awe,
One is by birth and the other by law.
Once I've known 46 years more,
The other I've known only five times four.
When I first met her, I never foresaw,
That she would become more than just my daughter-in-law.

When my son became a man of twenty-two years,
He sought for a woman that would stand through tears.
He had no time for the shallow and suspect.
He wanted a woman he could love and respect.
In his mind, he longed for a woman of pride,
With learning and poise, to stand by his side.
To mother his children and support him as well.
Was there such a woman to make his heart swell?

He met a young woman that went to his church.
They met at a Bible study, where better to search?
They spent time together talking about their life's desires,
And how they both wanted God's will to transpire.

As time went by, they fell in love,
And longed for the day they'd be joined from above.
In July '99 their wedding was held,
In a lovely quiet garden, as family beheld.
Joined in heart, he took her hand,
And they started life together, just as they'd planned.

Now twenty years later, with four children in tow,
She stands by her man wherever he goes.
It might be Greenville, Phoenix or Greer,
But he always knows that she'll be near.

That is why on this Mother's Day I'd like to say,
She is more than just a daughter-in-law in so many ways.
She's the pride of my son and she makes him so happy.
She fulfills all his needs and still looks so snappy.
She's a cook, nurse, teacher and much more,
She's the woman my son has come to adore.

That's why I repeat on this Mother's Day,
And mean it with all my heart when I say,
Jana Michelle Burton Bradshaw,
Is much more than just my daughter-in-law!
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