Juanita Farrar

Saint Louis, Missouri

An Independence Day Salute

Enjoy the events of Independence Day.
Vividly and eloquently share the spirit of freedom.
Commemorate the visions of our forefathers.
Celebrate with the enthusiasm of huge Tom- Toms.

Relish July 4th with Liberty and Independence.
As generations gather to experience its magnificence,
Building images is the ultimate challenge.
New fashioned freedoms- nevermore to cringe.

Idolize the varied charms of U.S. citizens.
An open and shut form of celebrating has arisen.
Genuine love has brought our liberties into focus.
While viewing spectacular fireworks is a bonus.

Value a special time in a special country-
With hope, dignity and integrity of free rein.
Where we're allowed to dream bigger dreams-
And prove the length we'll go for an independent domain.

Treasure freedom.. its worth getting excited about.
Yesteryear's future is now...a haven with clout.
Independence equals the fruits of freedom. Hurrah!
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