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But where was mom and dad

Father was there sometimes
but where was my dad
Where was he when I was sad
Mother was there
but where was my mom
Where was she, when I cut on and on
I think my parents gave me some issues
But I don’t think it was on purpose
Im also trying to understand as to why
Why is it, that they’ve made me wanna die
Ive think I’ve walked a quarter mile in their shoes
I’ve tried seeing it from the other persons eye, I really really do try
Living life ain’t as easy peasy as people make it seem
Why must movies and books and music deceive, why do they fake a reality?
An escape perhaps, maybe to a better place?
Most of the time when I would read books or watch movies, the families had such a love for one another, they were happy
Sure, maybe they were made up people
Maybe things Can be too good to be true
But is it wrong to hope
But is it wrong to wish
But where is my happy little family
But where is my mom and dad
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