Joya Fairchild

Valley Center, CA, USA


Moonglow, empty as death's cold shroud,
fingers Earth's surface, a pale lustrous cloud
of the Huntress... in her stealthy quest for game,
virginous Diana.. hallowed in moons cool flame.

Stupendous... mistress of night, outshines all heavens eyes,
while patient goddess Luna, seeks the path where Roe hides,
Spring forth! The chase.. the chase, pursue! bring down the Doe,
swiftly sings the arrow from her silver winged bow.

Aloof in distant splendor, hangs sightless moonscape,
Aurora's nails scratch nights curtain and dawn overtakes,
Diana, languid stretches forth and yawns at twilight's fold,
and steps beyond Aurora's realm, this bewitching night foretold.
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