Josias Homely

The Magic Of Thy Tear

Oh no, I would not see thee weep,
Yet highly have I prized thy tear;
At night upon the darken'd deep
I've thought of it the gloom to cheer—
The tear thou didst at parting shed,
That talisman's full spell to show,
I've fought amidst the friendly dead,
And fearless dared the living foe.

And when, becalm'd, the waters slept,
And listless crept the tedious hours;
Or when the wild tornado swept
With ruthless wing the Indian shores—
When pillow'd on the Baltic foam,
Or drifting on th'Atlantic wave.
In memory like a gem of home.
To my lorn soul it sweetness gave.

At length my long-left home I seek,
And press thee to my heart at last ;
A tear of joy is on thy cheek,
My sweet reward for dangers past—
Now gaily let me see thee smile,
Thy joyous voice in gladness hear,
I proudly will recount the while.
The charm—the magic of thy tear.
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