Josias Homely

The Blue Eyed Maid, A Song

In the gay crowd he felt alone,
And at the festive board
The freshness from his joys had fled,
It ne'er could be restor'd—
Through well known scenes of faded bliss
In pensive mood he stray'd—
Like flow'ret flung upon his path
He found his blue-eyed maid.

There was a blush upon her cheeks,
A glow upon her lips,
Like blossoms of the sunny fields
At which the brown bee sips.
Bright visions o'er his moody soul
Like fairy beacons stray'd.
Its waning light his soul relumed—
He loved the blue-eyed maid.

Misfortune fell upon his path—
She solace round him shed,
For music dwelt upon her lips
When shunshine friends were fled.
He saw the tear on friendly eyes.
And heard the foe upbraid.
Yet lovely was the constant smile
Of one—his blue-eyed maid.

The treasure of his lonely soul—
His gem of highest worth—
Like dew-drop flung from paradise
On the parch'd child of earth,
As through this wilderness of cares
With fait'ring steps he's stray'd
Has been to him the lonely love
Of her—his blue-eyed maid.
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