Josias Homely

Ode Ii

To fill with joy the present day.
Is wisdom's surest task below.
What is become of yesterday ?
What of to-morrow, dost thou know ?
Shall cares unborn oppress thee.
Shall woes unknown distress thee.
Shall aught in life depress thee.
If to-day will give thee joy?
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The past is past—'tis gone, forgot,
The future will come as it will,
Would'st thou improve thy earthly lot?
The passing hour with gladness fill.
Joys wouldst thou leave untasted,
By dark forbodings blasted,
Till jovial hours are wasted,
Which to-day would give thee joy?
If happier days we're doomed to know.
Why should we shun the joys of these?
If future life is future rvoe,
'Tis wiser still to-day to seize.
Life's tide is onward heaving,
Fate's mingled thread is weaving,
Yet why should we sit grieving,
If to-day will give us joy ?
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