J. Burgess

August 16, 1999 - Dundonald, Belfast
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My Tongue, and You

my tongue has sharpened with years
no longer innocent and tender
it yields a thousand past, present and futures.
it strikes those who trifle with hearts
but it was humbled by You.
blunted and cleansed
i surrender
to your voice that pulses.
to your eyes that answer.
to your lips that draw.
i surrender
i strip under your light
i am pierced by your softness
vulnerable and naked, my armour melts
fingers locked tight, touching bones
our pasts harvest the same blade
cold and rusted, until they clash.
igniting an unholy rapture.
like the settling of a calm ocean
as it was tormented by a storm the day before.
though you were washed ashore
to the beating warmth of my sun
i admire the sparkle of your skin.
it blinds my tongue of everything but you.
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