Jonathan Tafreg

October 04,1985 - Mara, Tanzania

Home Girl

I shall stand alone, until I get a crown
Just stay with me, stay at home
We gonna take over throne
I'm the one whom you need, babe take me home
I'm here for you, and that's why I was born
I'm the stone, their leader will be overthrown
If you can try, just hug me through the phone.

I wanna stay high, like a mountain
I'll never dry, perpetual like a fountain
Let me fly, in lower higher and plain
They will cry, but let's laugh no pain.

Their hearts are plastic, my fist is more than fire
My love is classic, I wanna make you full higher
That's fantastic, an Emperor without empire
I'm titanic, you're only one I admire.

My home girl, I do love you, look at my motion
You're the only one I need, babe you're my lotion
Stay at home girl, babe my heart is your portion
I'm still in love with you my girl, I'm more than an ocean.

Don't ask what is this?
What I need is peace, what I need is kiss
What I need is you my sweet miss,
Almighty God who art in heaven, just bless this
Even with a little piece
Of what we call a bliss.

Home girl you just rest
Babe you're the best, from east to west
Babe feel free, you're the first
I've fell in love with you my girl
Rest on my chest, down hill and crest
Babe you are the blessed.

Welcome in the house
Allow me to take your blouse,
In the same cage, a bull with some young cows
I wanna stay high like sun above clouds,
In the house, much knowing like a mouse.

This is a real thing,
Believe it's not a novel
And with a great amazement,
Babe don't marvel
Babe don't be afraid as if you've seen a gravel,
You need a prize of honor
Like that of Nobel.