Jonathan Tafreg

October 04,1985 - Mara, Tanzania
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Blaming The Dead

He was not a good leader,
He was a murderer,
He killed everyone,
Including himself.

He was very selfish,
He wanted all for himself,
He never listened to me,
He was an educated fool.

He mocked the disease,
He succumbed to it,
Oh! It was something else,
And by the way, who cares?

Economy is bad,
He is the one to blame,
He used all the money,
For his nonsensical projects.

Unemployment is high,
He is the one to blame,
He distributed all the money,
To his unknown poor citizens.

But don't be afraid,
Of what you are about to suffer,
We must use all the money,
For a fresh next election.

You must vote for me,
I deserve to be your leader,
That is the only way,
To make your lives better.

I will bring you development,
I will bring you employment,
I will bring you enjoyment,
But for now, I need a moment.
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