Jonathan Simms

Wordsley, Stourbridge, UK

Conciliation Of Territory

You took another mans bride,
In another man's guise,
And waged war all over Briton,
With Gorlois gone,
You sought to begat a son,
And spill the blood of those in vain.
You set forth to heal the land,
With excalibur in your hand,
From the pool of Dozmary it comes,
Merlin - your wise sage and counsel,
Will forsake you to hell,
For he and the dragon are one,
Now uther don't be a fool,
Be proud of your sacred tool,
Use ti to unite not to kill,
The lady she is with you,
If you fail - she will desert you too,
Protector of the realm.
In battle you are fleeing,
You are done with all the killing,
Run and run from here,
Now use in another time,
The steel shall penetrate rock.
Just before you die,
You can hear the Goddess cry,
Forever sleep my child.
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