John Castro

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language can be comprehended when u hear it
Words of the consciousness a flash of the human spirit

Visions in the mind that can be caught
A water shed manajerie of thought

Language is the eco system of spiritual possibilities
An epox of gymnastic mental abilities

An old growth forest of the mind
An undergrowth hidden by the canopy of time

The belief is rooted in our own precision
when language is spoken it makes an incision

Some languages can be seen or spoken
Some languages are hidden from the open

Like the language of the spirit hidden beneath the flesh
Tangled thoughts and memories caught in a wired mesh

Language is energy condensed to a slow vibration
It evades comprehension in todays generations

If language is the product of physical action potentials ocurring in the brain
The surely language is essential for putting thoughts in a frame

When the world seems out of pocket and complicated to understand
It is language that seems to stop it and lend a helping hand

Language can soothe the soul and calm the savage beast
It can also be used to control to say the very least

Language is the bridge that connects mind to reality
Language expresses visions that helps to set us free

Without language thoughts are nothing more than a continous wheel of thread

Without expressing languag we might as well be dead
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