Joe Curry

Oct 27, 2004- ATL
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to me or not to me

i can speak of the quiet stillness of mornings with you
or the beauty of you rising with dawn
perhaps evenings drawing you to my arms
or our restless nights in bed

but who am i to crudely summarize who you are
you are not experiences to me
or times that frame us together

you will never be just a theme in the eyes of a poet
a cadence in the mind of a musician
a love interest
an ingenue
you don’t live vicariously through my words
or the thoughts of others

you’re beautifuly headstrong
impeccably talented
insatiably smart
adjective noun

i simply narrate the world you blaze through
i can say it a million times and write a million poems
but you’re more than words describe
you’re my love
but most importantly
you are
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