Jiya Doshi

April 28, 2008 - Mumbai

The Topmost Peak

The Topmost Peak

A blur of golden,
hazy yet stimulating,
makes vanish all my burden,
its effect forever lingering.
A foot apart,
And I will possess it in my heart.
a bit ahead,
I do not a bit dread,
of not reaching what has gone to my head.

Now my sweaty fingers are to grasp,
and everyone will start to gasp,
now my hands will hold it carefully,
what is like heaven and jubilance to me.
now I will hold it up high,
so that see can every eye.
aye, aye I have that treasure,
to me which is beyond measure.
I have reached the topmost peak,
retrieved that success which cannot ever leak.

It is like a warm tranquilizing bath,
after all the hard work to pave my own path.
at last I have retrieved that warmth,
made it gush through my veins,
made it glorify in my brain,
made myself wear golden robes.

Now I will be able to fly,
now nobody will tease me or even try,
I have the glory, I have the glitter,
one which makes even a dog twitter.
I have made it flow in my cape,
I have it to me forever taped.

And oh the sigh that has possessed me,
oh the feeling of glory!
The lingering bliss,
more powerful than thousand men is this.

It can uproot my pain,
my misery,
it can make fall a bane,
can instantly grow a forest of bravery.

I have finally reached the topmost peak,
the mountain I had climbed all my life.
Finally, my life goal is here,
pulling out all of my fear.
It has pierced me like a knife,
but the wound let blood not leak,
it let all the darkness and fear in me flow,
giving me a lovely push to ahead go.

Oh that feeling removes my trouble,
for I have cleared my life's rubble,
with friends, family and mentors so great nobody can find,
all credit to their love, teachings and friendship combined.

With their help I grew,
by will and mind all strength I drew,
I would love to thank them and shew,
my badge of glory,
my success,
which has removed my melancholy,
and cleared all the problems, the mess.

At last I can grip it high,
at last I can touch the sky.
Finally, have I gained success,
And have my path cleared of obstacles, the mess.

Now I have my life goal in my hands,
I have reached the topmost peak - that of success,
I had travelled through various lands,
To reach this peak and clear the mess.

And now I can feel its warm glow,
I have allowed the golden light in me flow.
At last I have done what I am destined for,
no more trouble, no more fight, no more war!

A blur of golden,
hazy yet stimulating,
makes vanish all my burden,
its effect forever lingering.
That is success,
that clears my path's mess.
This is the topmost peak,
Which makes all my trouble leak.

By Jiya Doshi
Age 12 Years
25 Total read