O. I. Jibi

December 09, 2019 - Port Harcourt
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Part II - Letters to Africa

Dear Africa,

Time goes by as I write more letters to you,
hoping you refrain from your ways.

Your mind is a World,
develope it, refine it to be beneficiary.

Look into yourself and see the mixed of darkness,
overshadowing the cloud and rains down droplets of wickedness to your fellows.

You board a train going through a path of hatred for one another
and heading to a land of destruction of your children.

You live in your own lands as monsters and devour yourselves
without reservations.

Your land is blessed with vast wealth beyond your imagination and comprehension,
and capable of surviving the whole world yet you can't use it and your children suffer.

Your wealth is consumed by dukes while you look and your children starves.

The wealth is your Land Mass content, environmental resort, population, color, hard skin and so on.

The limitations of your minds led you to greed and selfishness
thinking all will soon be over. But for decades up till now is limitless.
Showing you the gravity of your wealth to any other nation in the world.

You are amused in a neglected journey with the world and narrowed your flare of prosperity and development by friendship.

Dear Africa, think! More wealth is yet to be found in you only if you do the right thing.
You are bless beyond what you eat from.

Please Africa, open your minds and heart, see equally, love thesame.

AdiĆ³s !
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