O. I. Jibi

December 09, 2019 - Port Harcourt
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Biography of O. I. Jibi

I was born in a small developing city and grew up with less expectations from people. Criticised by peers and neighbours; which result to a cloud of depression overshadowed my whole being. And no one knew how I felt inside except my mom till I became a man. I was hated in every appearance of myself to the public and this made my life changed to write down how I felt inside with the pen and paper; and that's my way of reporting to someone and source of consolation. I was born in a country;Nigeria and a continent Africa that is mocked around the world to mention you're from there. And this gave me a lot of concern because of my tourist venture round the world, so I begin writing. And this makes me judgemental to almost everybody to do the right things in Life. Click on the poem below "Letters to Africa" !