O. I. Jibi

December 09, 2019 - Port Harcourt
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Letters To Africa

Letters to Africa

Dear Africa,
What else should I say
that you have already known,

You see all that is happening around you,
yet, you fail to see what is going on through you,

How much more should I speak
your derisions rises to the peak,

You choose ways of captivity
even when your are free sensually,

The colonialist's came and open your eyes of understanding
yet you wallow in the mire of ignorance and killed your enlightenment,

The world rotates, rises from the period of civilization to a virtual and digitalize world
but you hang behind hidden at the curtains of primitivism,

The wind blew the stink of your ugly deeds, hide in the corners of treasures and wealth but your nostril fail to inhale the stinky aroma from the source,

The deception of perfumes was your alternative to dilute the atmosphere of stink and you inhaled all in of that kind,

Voices roaring everyday and night like a thunder storm in the sky to the earth, lightening, to provide sustainable development
but you silence these voices and uses negligence at your convenience,

Above all, how much should your children cry and weep for hunger and needs to wants, but you feed the rich and wealthy that doesn't need your support,

And this continues till your house became desolate and empty
yet you choose to migrate to a strange land and filled up their barns with yams of uncountable numbers,

Then what happens to your unborn children ?
what happens to your unborn children in that strange land over the years?

So all your struggle of accumulation diffuses to the thin air and also your name of origin in that strange land,

Dear Africa,
Sip the natural gifted pepper soup with all its natural content of ingredients and pass on to your children, brothers and neighbours, because the winter wind blows frenzy breeze and don't mind who is around the way,
and those to cover you up first for warmness are those around you by origin, before and when you die,

And death welcomes everyone that comes to him for his acquaintance and shut off the doors ! So whatelse can you do? When you had the time to do it !

I promise to send more letters at hand to you, till your eyes realises your faults.

Gracias !!
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