Jessica C

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walkway inquisitions

you pass me daily with your tumultuous style steps
never a tip-toe
only weighty and sure
I do not understand your uproar
among those less lofty
In their softer treads
as you rush through the
and greens
of what’s
and around you


you hesitated as I wobbled gently
interrupting your confident march
and wandered how with my shaky breath
I still managed to hold you.
I watch as you confirm that we are the only ones
aware of this incident
as you try to hold your head high,
eyes not glancing down

oh, fool

when will you learn it isn’t all about you
or even about me --
that it is those around me
that keep me stable
and secure.
I wish you would pause a moment longer
to consider that a wobble,
a passing second of shakiness
doesn’t make you crumble

when will you realize
that you will hold because of the strength around you?
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