Jesher Samayla

July 16, 1993
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We’ll Be Kept

I can’t remember,
Who requested first.
On my day,
You caught me in.

Day and night,
You’re crashing my messenger.
Smile on my face,
Seemingly not fading.

Knowing those heartaches of your past,
This love of mine grew so fast.
How can I stop this?
When everything evolves around you now.

Do I need to ignore you,
When I knew,
We do have the same love.
How can I stop this?

Days passes by,
Nights are your alibi,
Time goes by,
Are you gonna say goodbye?

I missed you,
I learnt to loved you,
I wanted to see you,
I’ll wait for you.

Hope you missed me too,
Prayed you’d loved me too,
Seeking to see me too,
Waiting to pursue me too.

Those good memories,
Happy thoughts,
Little secrets and you,
We’ll be kept.
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