Jerry Lawrence

April 5, 1978-New Orleans
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The Coldest Times

Rhymes: Either, Dreams Or Nightmares.
Existors: Souls.
Holes, Known, All Over Reality.
Realistically, What Do U Think?
Thank Whomever's The Highest N Mind.
Snowblind. Help!
Whelp, Whimpering Weakly, Over Health.
Stealth Of The Shadows Or The Emissaries.
Stories & Books? What R They?
Day & Night, Have Merged. The Snow Flurries, Remain, Unrelenting.
Looking @ The Frostbite That'll Never Ever Go Away.
Lay On The Bloodied Ice 4 2 Long.
"Song Of What'll Never Ever Come", Now Heard. The Peace, Currently, Mine.
Dine On Souls, As Thy Will, Ice Whims.
Winds Grow Colder. The Coldest Times.
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