Jerry Lawrence

April 5, 1978-New Orleans
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Huge Eggs.
Dregs Beg 4 Life.
Strife Rules A Empire.
Fire N The Nostril.
Mandrill By A Lake.
Cake Of The Greatest Ice Cream.
Rhyme. Pure Raw Rhyme.
Time, Asplinter.
Shelter, Vanishes.
Scrimmages N The Clouds.
Shackles All About 4 No Real Reason.
Passion Is Poison.
Surgeon, Wanted: Dead Or Alive.
Overdrive, 2 All Maximums.
Symptoms Of The Next Epidemic & Pandemic.
Picnic N The Ol' Rundown Lobby Of A Skyscraper.
Scrapper, 'Bout 2 Retire.
Rehire: That Ol' Hooker I 1st Had.
Bad Girlz Vz. Good Girlz: What A Catfight!
Delight, I, Everytime U Sexy Dancer When U Turn On Madonna & "Vogue".
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