Jerry Lawrence

April 5, 1978-New Orleans
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Push With No Fuss While So Bold.
Old, Enjoying Watching Goldiggers With Gold Teeth Getting Theirs Grandly.
Company 2 Keep: Yeah, It'll B I & Good Ol' Granny.
Fantasy: Gold Candy.
Steadily Jammin', "Solid Gold, On."
Dawn Of Enchanted Golden Suns.
Nuns @ Constant Worship 'Neath Goddesses Of Purest Gold.
Cold Souls Require The Golden Fire.
Admire The "Golden Books" Of Ol'. Which 1 Did U Have?
Ave. Where Gold Coins R Most Easily Made.
Trade Lives Just 2 Go Have Some Fun With The Most Buxom Foreign Maid.
Made N The Shade: Loungin' 'Neath Extra Enchanted Moonlight Sharin' Golden Lemonade With A Persuasive Belle Of A Purple Shade.
Wade N The Golden Waters, Yeah, The 1's Jesus Christ Walked On. The Whole Atmosphere Is Haunting & Wild.
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