Jerry Lawrence

April 5, 1978-New Orleans
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Comic Books

Comic Books.
Looks @ Imaginings.
Things Of The Most Powerful Achievements.
Girls Of Gorgeous.
Boys With A Universe Or So 2 Debate On Taking Over.
Clever Misfits & Neon Freaks.
Causes Of "The Children Of The Night".
Right, Takes Up Arms, Against All Of What's Wrong.
Song Of Sirens, Wails Of Banshees.
Knees Bloody, Buddy, Because This Winter Is So Busy.
Fussy Sissy 2 Holy Sister. Why? They Converse Over The Better Super Heroine.
Men, Mortal Men, Can Only Give Praise Or B Thankful.
Bundle After Bundle, Of Joy, 2 Keep I So Thoroughly Occupied. Good Ol' Comic Books.
Comic Books.
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