Jeffrey Pipes Guice

New Orleans
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Float Rider Blues

It was my first time riding
In a Mardi Gras night parade
It was hard to hide this wonderful feeling
Of flying high as I stood and surveyed

The night was cool, and the music was funky
The mood was good, and the sky was clear
I was feeling excited to be riding on the float
As I grabbed myself yet another cold beer

I was throwing beads throughout the evening
To crowds of people, I didn't know
Then all of a sudden, my heart stopped beating
As I saw her standing there down below

Her long hair was a light golden blond
Her pretty smile lit up her entire face
I started to get weak in the knees
As I reached down for a Mardi Gras embrace

That's when the situation began to get real
As the float captain grabbed me from behind
Hold on, boy, before you get us all in trouble
Not to mention the money you're going to be fined

As every rider of every float knows
It’s against every Mardi Gras float rule
No matter how pretty the woman looks
You must refrain from acting like the fool

Just then, my float began to start rolling
We stared into each other's sad eyes
She placed her right hand just over her heart
As we waved our Mardi Gras goodbyes

I never got a chance to get her name or number
I've been searching for her over the years
If anyone should know this Mardi Gras girl
Please tell her I’d like to talk over a few beers

© 2023 Jeffrey Pipes Guice, Finding My Hemingway
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