Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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Till the jasmine tea

Today morning, as I woke up, I saw her walking down the ramp of fantasies
With her hair on fire with the sun
It has been a very long time since she came to visit my dreams
Her deep eyes spoke of silently of the burning desires
Cherries and roses - the cunning devil lips
Teeth that bit and a tongue that killed a poet of intents
My hands grazed smooth up her long neck, drawing heartbeats through surface tension
In a salted rhythm that begged to be licked clean, the gradient of need, silky-smooth in my greed
Her skin, a whispered caress across my restless dreams
Inhaling the essence of her breath, as she exhaled cruel exhalations
The fingers reached for impossible shores, no safe harbour for the imaginations we shared
I never would have thought she would light me so well, so very hard I felt
Dark and deep as passionate crime, we rode the drizzle, the thunder, the downpour and the lightning
As her sensual femininity mutilated my masculinity - again and again and again - till the afternoon tea
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