Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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The Sensual Waxing Moon

A slip of the sari - a glimpse of her fragrant & sensual oxters, the enticing looks in her eyes-I try hard not to gaze
The fragrance of her femininity was stronger than any perfume rich in pheromones
The fire began in the conjecturing game, as my masculinity is consumed by her passion
I try so hard to keep control, to hold myself back, but her seductive powers won't give me any respite
Finally, we start our lovers dance, prisoners of the infatuations - in a room together, where everything got tangled
First, my fingers tangled in her hair - my arms tangled around her neck
Her tongue, tangling mine - my legs, her legs - always searching for ways to get more tangled
Even her lips had a shudder in them, and they were so sweet and wildly red
She was a mystery unravelling - as hooks came free and the flower of her breasts blossomed before my eyes - a deeper urge came over me
I was her ampersand within the phrase “Wants & desires” - the bed became an ocean and we rode the tsunami waves naked - learning how to quench deep desires
In the darkness we played with our imagination, just exploring the textures of our skins
Eyes searching for locations where hands can comply - tongues in their wildest form, as they knot in a lustful play
My manhood swollen with a richness of desire, it’s intention …… pleasure - my hands grabbed her mounds of pleasure, nipples so erect and needing my attention
Sucking them so fondly, twirling my long tongue - as I firmly slap and pinch her voluptuous bums - brutalizing her areola
Her neck, in the way of her ear, feel the heat of my breath, as I tug on her ear lobe
The wetness provokes her and pleasure senses within her femininity
As I enter her, it’s quiet a sense of pure satisfaction - my firmness verses her sweet honey
Her silken thighs across my broad shoulders, as I deeply penetrate in her sweet and sour
I want her to feel the length of my conversation - we can converse all night
Drenched in our perspiration - her body betrays her as she neared the moment of completion
The exchange of desires, complete physical enervation - irresistible emotions in midst of disorder
Though exhausted – she had the energy of a lioness to rest on her favourite seat – my face, to begin the dance of ecstasy yet again …. she was an irresistible devil in disguise and me a dog in a man’s costume
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