Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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Pied Piper of Exotic Desires

I met her digitally, surely just by chance, the lady draped in a charcoal black saree, she melts me with her eyes
Her sweet innocent looks and her curves & contours, put me in a state of daze
Her charm could make me fall, I had to be extra cautious as her volcanic lips spoke without a sound
Her eyelashes fluttering innocently on my desires as she moved me playfully around her femininity
She is a beautiful art of Picasso and a bouquet of jasmine & wild orchids decorated with wild grass
Fascinated by her ruby like lips, helpless tongues seduced - she made me drown into her desires
She captivated me under spells of hypnotic waves, wild vibrant sparkling, on black and gold tones
She pushed me into a world of illusion while her beauty breathed fantasies into me
She has whispered many wild and vivid conversations into my thoughts, as tongues tango in silence - long and slow - slipping, sliding and gentle as a cumulus cloud kiss
As the tongue tamed the mad lozenge, delicately and artfully
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