Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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Kaleidoscope of Desires

Early morning, meandering through my fantasies, I reached the land of dancing daffodils
As the mist of desires spun into the early tangerine sun, emerged a newly brilliant horizon
My presence watched her kaleidoscope, a symmetry of attires, each redesigned passionately to jolt my masculinity
Embraided by the gradient hues of coral pink, fiery red and oceanic blue, she seems a sym-phonic yet cacophonic orgy of desires
Bareback blue caressing her exposed shoulders devoid of the itchy straps waking up the eagles of desires
Deep pink, gently hiding behind her luscious smile, giving a glimpse of her apple bottom,
seemed like a tempting invitation to pin her against the mirror
Wild temptations, accidental rips, deliberate rips, swollen lips, gentle bites leading the
way to the softness of the waterbed
I had an overdose of creamy latte, while I felt her playing the flute, like a maestro, with every note resonating with the taste of her roasted desires
The quake skied through the tsunami of her femininity cascading, in rhythm with her high and low tides till our elixirs of the passionate night quenched the thirst
We kissed and cuddled to be consumed again, as the dewdrops still clutch her petals, filing her with wild memories of the sinful, yet natural fusion
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