Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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Divine Red Overdose

The scent of desires and splashes of passion, a mix of effervescence with flames of fire, she glows like the silver rays of the moon
With wet lips as pen and her femininity as canvas, I seem helpless to describe the lady draped in a red saree
Adorned with delicate silver filigree earrings and the fine necklace swinging slowly, kissing her neck, arousing bubbles of jealousy in me
Eyes, beautiful as interstellar explosions, the left full of passionate wants and the other shy of my furtive gaze
Her stifling eyes speak of impetuous thoughts, combine as one, passions and lust
I hear my name unspoken in her warm untiring gaze - her mounds of pleasure inviting the baby in me to satiate his hunger
Her aromatic oxters were the wild storm in the forest of dreams, as she hypnotized me with her careless lips
Pressing kisses taste of our heaving needs, awakening wild passion within me
Her savage neckline took my breath away, the graceful claws pulled my sinful thoughts into her femininity - the delicious sparks tempting my startled masculinity
Like a teenaged butterfly she danced freely - gliding effortlessly beneath the sinful sheets like a mystical serpent
Like an innocent dove her fingers expressed her desires purely, casting her spell on my irrepressible requests
I worshipped the Goddess - forehead to toes, the red colour stripped off her passionately
We soar high, I am inhaling every detail of her scintillating grace - the brushes of my touch, causing her to shake
Inspiration sails high, with her wandering in my mind, ripples from deep desires
Riding on the waves of our tsunami, we rise in lust and ebb
A rendezvous, our consummating fires kiss passionately, igniting the whispers, longings, fantasies, and .....
While the moon gleams and the raindrops pour, till our ocean of want was calm ... until the wants overcame our stares again .....
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