Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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Dancing Bachata on a Summer Afternoon

Knocking on the digital door, thinking of her bindi and the nose ring embellishing her smile
But when it swung open, I just stood mesmerized for a while
A goddess stood before me; her sensuality accentuated by six yards of pure grace and elegance
Painted in sensual shades of desires, I was attracted to her cacophonous eyes
My paintbrush stroked her landscape, until she transformed to my masterpiece
Comets wandered by to a choreographed chant, as tenderly I unwrapped her femininity
I said I would cook for her - she said she is not that easy
My eyes ate through her across the table, as I poured wine, we never drank
Was that fire in her eyes? - A desire left untold
Lust was an all-consuming fire, flavour of our kisses fueled our animalistic needs
Gentle lovers willing to accept the burn, for the ache of the searing heat
Sensational pressure to sin mounted, starving eyes, roamed whilst salivate
As she whispered – handcuffs were more satisfying than the bangles ….
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