Jayesh Goyal

11 December - Mumbai
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An Oasis of Fire

I watched her with murderous eyes, as she rested her femininity against the wall, shaking her fancy delicately
An oasis of desire, amidst the deserts of Thar … like a cactus of fire draped in exquisite colours of pink, blue and off-white
Shy yet wild eyes, still learning the tricks of hiding the forbidden desires and a slender neckline like a river of red wine creating a physical blessing to my imagination
In a heightened state and at an obligatory remoteness, I am fixated on her, imagining an eventual collision of our entwining within
Conclusively my eyes meet hers, and in those moments, she felt delighted, acknowledged - confidently the sole seductress of my masculinity
How beautiful, full of desire - the untainted sensation of frenzy the desire, the craving to chase is a must
Let my mysterious ways seduce you dreams, as they desolate your sensuality with masculine dexterity
Feel my Columbus lips tell stories across your undiscovered landscapes and then ask me to tell them again
Hear my licks sing aromatic pleasures emitting heightened tickling notes only your oxters understand
Smell our desire in the steamy tousled chaos, lust’s evening cologne wrapping around bare skin
Surrender to me, let me unleash the wild you’ve caged for so long
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