Jahnvi Sharma

May 31,2002-India
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Fantasy World

Meaning to build a castle,
the one where no one interrupts.
Trying to protect a secret in the walls,
a bailey where her life sums up.
Tired of running around like being chased,
feels a desire to have her kingdom and reign.

Craving for only a place to be herself
to have the cunning eyes off her head,
but the fantasy was ruined
by the life she has to led.
No wonder she doesn't wanna end up like all,
to be misled in this world so small.
She'd feel herself confined in a cage,
and the more it triggered
her fear transformed into a burning rage.

Wondering if she dodged a bullet
by coping with the cruel world.
Along her fear,
along all the ways she's twirled.
The world she lives in,
she feels it's contagious.
All around as she roams
and all around she's noticed,
although it never bothered as she's courageous.
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