Jagrut Gupta

21 sept 2005
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What is it that makes the soul delight?
Many of us may never know it’s treasure.
We know our hearts want ever to take flight,
Soar with angels, dip and flip with pleasure.
Achieving this is difficult, I know.
Perhaps it is amassing piles of cash?
Fill the coffers, give off a golden glow?
No, I say. Do this, breed greed, receive a nasty gash.
There is but one way happiness is claimed,
It takes no capital, no materials that draw the evil eye,
Only another soul seeking similar relief.
Friends, colleagues, unity gained
Our smiles will never fade,
as long as we have people
by our side to smile for,
to smile with.
Happiness is a friend to share your time with, after all;
A heart to beat in tune with.
Is there any feeling quite so sweet and warm as that of friendship,
of belonging?
A greeting hug,
a knowing smile at a joke untold,
a day spent silent;
alone but together.
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