Jagrut Gupta

21 sept 2005
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Let it out

Got that feeling deep in your soul
An idea that your dying to let out
Want to let the whole world know
If you wish to let it show
You gotta bring it out!
It can be a masterpiece

A whimsical tale
A heartfelt poem
A piece of fan art
Anything goes!
It doesn't matter how you do it!

It doesn't matter the medium!
It doesn't matter what supplies
Pens, pencils, paints, laptop
Art programs and a stylus!

If you got a vision
If you got the heart
If you got the soul
If you got the drive!

Go with the flow
Don't hesitate
Don't bury it
Let your art show

Let your artistic beauty
Shine through your heart
Let the world see
The whimsy that lies within!
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