Jackie B

Nov 15
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What about them? (Unsure about name)

Welcome to the world.

Here's a chisel, just for you.
Brand new, and sharp, and shiny.
Oh, that behind you?
That's just a wall.
You need to tear it down with your chisel.
yeah, it got a small scratch.
It's okay, it won't hurt anything.
Hey I have this bigger wall,
can you help me knock it down?
Yeah, it got a chip, so what?

Oh that behind you?
Yeah that's a pretty big wall.
You can break it down later.
There's someone else that needs your help.
Another chip?
So what?
Ignore it.
Someone else is struggling
Why aren't you helping them??

You need to sharpen your chisel?
No you don't.
Only those who are weak sharpen their chisel.
Only those who are sensitive sharpen their chisel.
Only those who are selfish sharpen their chisel.
You aren't selfish, are you?
I didn't teach you to be weak.
I didn't teach you to be a little b*tch.
Toughen up.
Deal with it.
You're a big girl, aren't you?
Your chisel is fine as is.
Maybe you're just weak.
That's why you're having trouble breaking down those walls.

Oh, that behind you?
You really let those walls get out of hand.
You should really take care of that.
Wait, what are you doing?
What about those other people?
They need help.
You need to break down their walls first.
You can't just turn them away.
Stop being so selfish.
How dare you speak to me like that?
You can't turn me away.
I taught you how to use that chisel.

Oh, that behind you?
That's nothing.
So what if you have a few buildings now?
Other people have cities.
Other people have shorter chisels.
Other people have thinner chisels.
Other people are born with dull chisels.
Why are you so ungrateful?
So what if yours is dull and chipped and scratched?
it still works, doesn't it?
Why can't you be happy with what you have?
Why can't you just work harder?

What do you mean you need to sharpen it?
You're just a kid, there's no way it's dull
You haven't experienced enough
You don't need to sharpen it
You've barely even broken down your walls
That, right behind you.
And don't you dare ask for help.
Just deal with it yourself.
I don't have time to help you,
I have my own walls to break down

Go help that other person first though.
Your walls can't be *that* thick.
Your walls can't be *that* tall.
There's no way you have a city behind you.
You're just a kid.
Your walls can wait.
You don't want to seem selfish, do you?

Why won't you break down your walls?
You just need to manage your time better.
You're such an idiot.
You're so selfish.
You're such a child.
I tear down walls by myself.

Why can't you?
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