Things I'd like to scream at you

I’d like to say that you make me angry,
You’re selfish and use people for your ends,
You’re not as smart as you think and, frankly,
I can’t understand how you still have friends.

I’d like to say that you were never there,
When I reached out to say I was in need.
But when you needed someone who would care
At two in the morning you would call me.

That everyone else was sick of it all,
That same story about your ex again.
That the only reason I took your call
Was because I was so lonely back then.

I’d say that you took advantage of me,
And dropped me the second you didn’t need
An emotional crutch, someone to be,
Always there for you, and fuck how I feel.

Given the chance I’d scream these things at you,
Face-to-face, looking you straight in the eyes.
But you won’t come back here, I always knew,
Those promises were never more than lies.

So all I can do is send you my words,
But I know you’d only leave me on read.
That makes you feel powerful, from what I’ve heard,
So I’ll keep quiet and just block you instead.
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